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Genres: R&B/Soul

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Full Name- Chinedum Samuel Okorie(JNR)

My love for music has been unshaken since childhood. Grew up listening to music in the early 90’s my Dad used to wake me up with in the morning like Don William, Dolly Parton, Jim Reeves, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube & so much more of them that I can’t even recall.
As I grew, I realized that R&B and Soul Music played a part in my life and I found out that I couldn’t do without it. Not so long afterwards, I found myself singing, dancing , understanding and writing music at the age of 13. I joined the choir by 15 & also joined an acapella group which broke up not too long afterwards.

Why Music?
This is a question most people ask me whenever they see me mostly older people who are family. The simple answer is that i see my future in Music. I think i’m a better person whenever it comes to music. Its something that brings me joy, happiness and also peace of mind. Music has saved me the stress fo getting into trouble a thousand and one times. When i think of the feeling music gives to me, i just chill and i’d be like “there are better things ahead”. At a stage in my life, music started to replace the love i had for
*Music is me and there’s more and more music in me anytime i open up my mouth to sing*

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Kind of Music(GENRE)?
The original genre of music i do is R&B. Sometimes with a touch of soul. But over the years, i saw that i had to blend into the Nigerian society so i added some Naija flare to it so every normal Nigerian can understand what i sing about and truly feel & understand where i’m coming from..


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