Revival Train

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Genres: Christian/Gospel
Label: alkamultimedia records
Management: alkamultimedia

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Revival train is a family gospel group, comprising of SONG WRITERS, COMPOSERS and PRODUCERS. It is a family of a mother (Evangelist Veronica Alkali) and her children (Sunny, Ralph, Susan and Michael).
The vision came as a revelation from God through the mother (evangelist veronica alkali) before the children were born, as time went by things began to unfold by the power of God’s direction.
Revival Train (vision): This is a prophetic music ministry ordained by God to pass his message of good will, to seek and save the lost, to be a father to the fatherless, a benefactor to the needy.

Revival Train (mission): Revealing God’s purpose through the most powerful medium MUSIC.

Revival Train (target): taking the gospel of truth to the lost, broken hearted as well as encouraging those in the faith of our lord Jesus Christ.
God never chooses the qualified but he qualifies the chosen, for this reason he has prepared his vessels by himself for himself to fulfill his purpose, “it is a rare privilege to be called into the harvest field of human souls” and we humbly give ourselves to this cause. May the peace of the lord go with us REVIVAL TRAIN.

More About revival train

In every generation comes a wave, bringing with it, the birth of a musical revolution-  ushers in music like rivers of fresh water to truly satisfy the raging thirst of humanity.

 “Revival train”, heaven’s fresh river of music, full of the penetrating, soothing, healing gospel message.

 invites you to experience music with the attitude, the power and the love of Christ, an unforgettable experience that you will cherish and desire over and over again, because the music will fill and wash over you, and it will take your soul on a journey….

THE REVIVAL TRAIN, called and chosen by divine mandate have birthed and nurtured the vision in their hearts, through the furnace of the Holy spirit and many experiences and trials, from  a very  early age. Now well over a decade, like wine that taste better when fully aged, the vision has finally come true, cos’ the “vision is for an appointed time… at the end, it shall speak and not lie…

Let’s take a closer look at the members of the “REVIVAL TRAIN”:


Matriarch of the Alkali family, visionary, prolific songstress and composer, younger sister of Bongos Ikwue, one of Nigeria’s renowned musicians. She received the vision of “Revival Train almost two decades ago. Her life is a rich testimony of God’s faithfulness, having passed down the vision successfully unto her children, nurturing and guiding them spiritually and professionally into their careers, and more importantly on to a close relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Today, we join her to celebrate “Revival Train” music , the fulfilment of God’s faithfulness to the body of Christ, in Nigeria and to the World. A devoted intercessor, her deepest desire is for the Kingdom of Christ to be established in every heart, indeed in your heart, as you listen to each track on this album, For that is the mission of Revival train.


One of Nigeria’s top voice-over artiste, songwriter, composer and co-producer, he remains a dedicated vessel of God, from humble beginnings to the height of his professional career,  a “privilege” from God, he says’.

The “Revival Train will travel through his voice and the power of the Holy Spirit successfully in our generation, to bless all, who will listen and heed the call to join the “Revival Train”. You are welcome!


Sound/ studio engineer, and producer, perhaps one of Nigeria’s testimonies of a self trained creative music engineer. He has created music including, jingles, audio-visual productions, for reality shows, mega -music stars, multinationals, corporate giants etc at both local and international levels. Ralph produces all “Revival Train” songs.  His utmost desire is that you drink from this spiritual fountain as you listen to the  inspired songs on this album, Enjoy

 Susan Alkali-Agbabi

Wife, mother, business woman and Singer, she plays the role of female Lead vocal.  Now   married with 3 kids, Susan has been involved in the vision from her early age, juggling the demands of catering for her large family with singing, dancing and building her musical career. Susan is gifted with a sonorous voice that lingers in your memory. Every track in this music is a prophecy fulfilled for her, may it be so for you dear listener, in Jesus name.


The last but not the least in the pack, Mike reminds you of David, the Psalmist in the Holy Scriptures. He has grown up into the vision, to become a prolific songwriter and singer. Today, Mike, a graduate of French, drinks from this river to bless all who will listen to this music. Indeed revival train is not complete without his deeply penetrating, soul lifting voice. Mike will be a blessing to your soul. Watch out!

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