Pretty in Pink! Emma Roberts Steps Out For X-Men Premiere (PHOTO)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

EMMA Roberts is pretty pink!

The actress stepped out for the X-Men: Days of Future Past world premiere in New York Saturday.

Meanwhile, Emma is apparently only returning for the upcoming season of American Horror Story because her hubby-to-be, Evan Peters, pleaded to save her job.

Emma joined the FX series in its third season, as self-absorbed witch Madison Montgomery. But her surly attitude made her quite unpopular on set.

Sources say show creator Ryan Murphy “debated back and forth whether to bring Emma back. He loved her acting but wanted to keep harmony on set.”

Evan has been with the show all three seasons and convinced Ryan that Emma will get her act together and change her attitude.

“Emma is a firecracker,” said the source.

“But Evan seems to have assured the boss he can keep her in check so the two lovebirds can be together on the set.”


emma roberts

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