John Dumelo features in Kasapreko Alomo Bitters advert

John Dumelo Alomo Bitters

Our fellow Ghanaian fans will probably be very familiar with the name “Alomo Bitters”.

It’s a specialty Ghanaian alcoholic herbal product made from plant extracts that supposedly has superb powers especially for men who are having sexual issues with their partners.

Some men swear by it’s potency whilst others have summarily dismissed it as just a local concoction being peddled otherwise.

In October 2013, CNN featured the product as one of five global liquors about to go big which added some veracity to the claims by the company (Kasapreko).

Whichever seems to be the case, the popularity of Alomo Bitters keep increasing by the day and in a new advertisement to promote it, John Dumelo was the lead actor.

Below are pictures from the set as they were getting ready to get the advert rolling:

John Dumelo Alomo Bitters 1

John Dumelo Alomo Bitters 2

John Dumelo Alomo Bitters 3

John Dumelo Alomo Bitters 4

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