Stella Damasus starts work on her new song

Acting has always been her foremost career…

…But in between times, Stella Damasus has always sneaked away to the studio and churned out successful albums over the years. And together with her partner Daniel Ademinokan, the pair have embarked on a new music project at the renowned Patch Werk Studios in At;anta, Georgia.

Daniel is very impressed by the effort Stella is putting into the project so far and had this to say:

“Legends have walked this path to great heights! Great to be exploring this part of my life. Music Maker. Great minds like P Diddy, Usher, Joe, Whitney Houston, John Legend, Ruben Studdard and Monica have recorded here. Now Stella Damasus is walking the path. Yours truly at the helm of the music.”

Stella Damasus Music 1

Stella Damasus Music 2

Stella Damasus Music 3

Stella Damasus Music 4

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