Muna only began drinking alcohol due to the pain of losing his parents

Tragic accidents can be a defining moment in life.

For the late Muna Obiekwe, the death of his parents led to his eventual drinking, according to his godmother Vera Kanu:

“Everybody in the industry knows Muna drinks a lot. Even when he’s shooting, he has a way of finding alcohol. He fell into it after he lost his parents in a ghastly motor accident. As a matter of fact, he was supposed to be in that car with them but by the stroke of luck, he wasn’t an was spared.

Afterwards, Muna took solace in liquor but that never affected his job. He was just like Sam Loco. He could drink the whole sea but when he hears the director shout ‘action,’ he gets into character.”

The death of loved ones can be very painful.

Muna Obiekwe

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