Allies Buhari, Munafuntarsa ​​- Senator Hamma Misau

Senator representing Bauchi Central Senator Isa Hamma Misau warn President Muhammadu Buhari Mind Himself and his associates, because they eke dundunyiya.

Senator misau accused by Buhari and take away attention from feeding the country through the promised one takes people who voted for him.

Senator misau said while the West in response to a letter to Justice Minister Mohammed Teacher SAN to send the Senate, where the reasons for the lack of state before the House.

Senator misau said, before the return of Nigerian President Buhari home from London, I live well, you heard some attacks, and thus depends senator events for other agents, President Buhari, said they do not love development.

“If you watch some suggestions by the government in the country, you understand they are trying to divert attention from his work, in 50 days the president Buhari took abroad, as deputy to hold the government , you hear an attack Niger Delta, or Fulani?

“Today 2 weeks the president return home past, but aides have started confused, I want Nigerians to understand that the enemies of this government are close to the president. The commotion attracted, is to divert the attention of presidential run applications made in advance.

“It’s necessary people to understand the enemies of the government are the presidency, I urge Nigerians them first president of prayer, because hypocrites are with him. You see this letter from the Office of the Minister of Justice, one man should bring peace between the legislative and executive

“But it is also kisisina the conflict between the two sides, if the Minister of Justice can send the council a similar letter, toh any such advice is given President Buhari of that? So the enemy with it. ” He said misau

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