Moesha Boduong Channels Out Her Inner Lara Croft..See Hot Photos

For some strange reasons, I kept picturing action game figure, Lara Croft as I painfully ‘watched’ this picture of Moesha Boduong struggling to fit her humongous backside into a rather tight bikini. Does the photo give anyone else a similar impression?

If you are wondering what motivated the Instagram celebrity and actress to take this photo, she posted the following when she shared her bikini photos on Instagram:

“I have discovered in my life that when you are truly so busy working on your purpose healed from your past. building your empire, family and life don’t go about hating, stalking or comparing .you have no time for that. You may have haters, but you will not stop to listen or respond !you aren’t phased by anything or Anyone.You celebrate everyone and cheer hard in life ! bikini shoot #beach #curvy #confidence.”

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