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Lamar Odom’s Children Destiny And Lamar Jr. Release Heartfelt Statement

Lamar Odom’s Children Destiny And Lamar Jr. Release Heartfelt Statement

Lamar Odom’s children Lamar Jr. and Destiny have released a statement about their father just hours after visiting his bedside in a Las Vegas hospital.

‘Thanks for your outpouring of prayers and support for our dad. We are here with our family and friends. We appreciate everyone respecting our privacy at this time. We ask for your continued prayers,’ read the statement, which was given to E! News.

Destiny, 17, and Lamar Jr, 13, arrived in Las Vegas on Wednesday night along with their mother Liza Morales and Lamar’s aunt JaNean Mercer.

Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West are seen leaving Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas on Thursday where former brother-in-law Lamar is being treated

Kylie Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West are seen leaving Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas on Thursday where former brother-in-law Lamar is being treated

Odom reportedly fluttered his eyelids and squeezed his former sister-in-law Kim Kardashian’s hand while in a coma, giving his family hope of a recovery. Pictured on the left with former wife Khloe Kardashian in 2012. Kim pictured on the right leaving the hospital on Thursday

A few hours after visiting Odom at the hospital, Kim, Kourtney, Kylie and Kris were seen leaving the hospital and later boarding an airplane 

Odom has been in a medically induced coma since Tuesday, when he was found unconscious and foaming at the mouth in the VIP suite of a Nevada brothel.

On Thursday, Entertainment Tonight reported that Odom’s family had been given a ‘glimmer of hope’ when his eyes fluttered and he squeezed former sister-in-law Kim Kardashian West’s hand at the hospital Wednesday night.

But TMZ says that the squeeze may have been an involuntary motion and that it was ex Khloe’s hand he touched.

Sources told the gossip site that doctors are beginning to lose hope for Odom, since the more time he spends in a coma, the less likely he is to come out and recover.

Four of Odom’s organs – including his kidneys – continue to fail, diminishing his chances of survival.

‘The doctors are concerned it has been too long that he’s been in this condition and now it’s not looking good,’ one source told TMZ.  

Kourtney Kardashian and mother Kris Jenner are seen leaving the hospital where Odom is being treated on Thursday 

Lamar Odom’s daughter Destiny Odom (left), son Lamar Odom Jr. (second from right), and their mother Liza Morales (right) exit through a back door after visiting Odom with Lamar’s aunt JaNean Mercer (second from left)

Youngest Kardashian daughter Kylie Jenner is seen boarding a private jet out of LA on Thursday, wearing Adidas sneakers and carrying a white leather bag 

The refrigerator in suite where former NBA player Lamar Odom was found unconscious at the Love Ranch Las Vegas brothel

Kris Jenner and her daughters Kim, Kourtney and Kylie were seen arriving at the hospital together on Thursday, and left a few hours later, boarding a private jet out of town. The women looked somber for the hospital visit, wearing all black and sunglasses. 

Sources tell TMZ that Khloe refused to leave Odom’s side, and that her super-model sister Kendall is flying from London to be with her. The Kardashians reportedly plan to fly back to Las Vegas at the weekend to spend more time with Odom.  

News of Odom’s small improvement comes as a new report was published Thursday, shedding light on Odom and Khloe’s tormented relationship in the weeks before his tragic overdose during a $75,000 bender at a brothel.

According to Radar Online, Odom had ‘pleaded’ with Khloe to stop recording his phone calls for her reality show, but she reportedly ignored his requests, saying he deserved the bad press for the way he treated her during their marriage.

‘Khloe would either ignore the texts and voice mail messages asking her to stop, or she would tell him, “You owe me this after you humiliated me by cheating with other women,”‘ the source said. 

This comes from an insider who told the gossip site that they believe the Kardashians ‘have blood on their hands’ for ‘demonizing and exploiting’ Odom on their show. 

‘Lamar had no idea that he was going to be Khloe’s storyline during the past season. She is always talking about how much she loves the guy, but has no problem exploiting Lamar for her gain. How low can Khloe go?’ the source asked. ‘Lamar would call her sobbing about losing his best friend this past summer, and the first thing she thinks is to document it?’  

More on Kim and the Kardashians bedside vigil for Lamar Odom 

On Thursday, a new report was published claiming Odom had pleaded with Khloe not to record their phone conversations for Keeping up with the Kardashians in the weeks before his suspected overdose. Khloe pictured above speaking to Lamar on the phone in the most recent season of the show

Malika Haqq – the best friend to Khloe Kardashian – gets shielded by a large bodyguard and hospital security as she arrives at Sunrise Hospital

This echos previous statements from brothel owner Dennis Hof and prostitutes at his ‘Love Ranch’ who said Odom became ‘irate’ and inconsolable after talking to someone on the phone on Sunday, allegedly about his portrayal on the show. 

While Odom and Khloe have been separated since 2013, he has still remained a central point on the family’s reality show. One plot point on a recent episode involved Kim getting mad at Khloe for ‘flirting’ with her ex-husband on the phone. 

The two signed divorce papers in July, but their split has not been finalized, so Khloe has been by Odom’s side at the hospital, making medical decisions for him while he is in a coma.  

While the couple’s divorce has alienated Odom from the Kardashians in recent years, news of his collapse has brought the family together again, showing their deep-seated love for the former LA Lakers player.

Khloe Kardashian was among the first of Odom’s family to arrive at the hospital in Las Vegas Tuesday night, after he was found that afternoon unconscious and foaming from the mouth at a Pahrump, Nevada brothel.  She was quickly followed by mother Kris Jenner and sisters Kim, Kourney and Kylie. 

Even Caitlyn Jenner, who was notably critical of Khloe and Lamar’s whirlwind engagement, is reportedly on her way to Las Vegas to see Odom, after spending a few days with her mother Esther who recently broke both hip bones.

And a new report on Thursday by E! says that Kim Kardashian has cancelled her baby shower in order to remain by her sister’s side in Las Vegas but she reportedly had to fly back to LA to meet with a pregnancy specialist.  

Kris Jenner (left), Kim Kardashian West (right), Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian arrived in the same car, all wearing black and sunglasses  

Lamar Odom’s daughter Destiny Odom (second from right) and son Lamar Odom Jr. (second from left)exit through a back door after visiting Odom with Lamar’s aunt JaNean Mercer (left)


This is the second day that the Kardashian women have come to the hospital to support Lamar Odom, Khloe’s former husband. Kylie pictured left, Kourtney pictured right 

 Lamar’s daughter Destiny looked downcast as she exited the hospital on Thursday afternoon

Kobe Bryant is pictured outside Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas on Wednesday after visiting his former Lakers teammate 

Bryant visited Odom with Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak, right. The two pictured exiting the hospital on Wednesday 

Lamar Odom is fighting for his life after collapsing during a $75,000 bender at a brothel in Pahrump, Nevada. Sources say the former NBA star grew ‘irate’ after receiving a call on Sunday, reportedly about his portrayal on Keeping up with the Kardashians

Ex-wife Khloe Kardashian was among the first of Odom’s family to arrive at the hospital Tuesday night. Since their divorce has not been completely finalized, she has been making medical decisions for him. Pictured above on Tuesday at a photo shoot around the time that she found out about Odom’s medical emergency

Odom, 35, who is fighting for his life after collapsing during a four-day bender at a Nevada brothel where he partied with prostitutes and allegedly took a cocktail of illicit drugs. 

A new report from TMZ has also revealed that Odom  reportedly spent $75,000 during his four-day stay at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch in Pahrump.  

Sources claim that his drugs relapse may have been made worse by an episode of the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, which aired on Sunday when he had already arrived at the brothel. 

During the episode his estranged wife Khloe Kardashian told the cameras she was worried Lamar would ‘spiral’ out of control after the drug-related death of his best friend. 

A source who spoke with E! News says that doctors found ‘virtually every drug imaginable’ in the 35-year-old’s system. Other sources told TMZ that he suffered multiple strokes, is on kidney dialysis and has just a 50/50 chance of survival and will likely suffer brain damage. 

Despite a report from Radar Online that cited multiple sources who claim Lamar is brain dead, there has been no comment from the hospital or members of the family on his condition.


Everyone please pray for @RealLamarOdom to make it through this. Great player, even better person!

—Kris Humphries, Washington Wizards and Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband 

PRAYERS all the way UP for my brother Lamar Odom!!!

—Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat 

I can’t help but to be up right now… THINKING about my ex teammate/ friend LO.. On my knees praying…please God let him pull thru..

—Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat 

I couldn’t sleep last night. sitting and thinking about LO as the person I know him as and thinking about what he has gone thru in his life

—Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat 

everyone will ask why or say how could he do this or that. if you’re not walking in life thru his eyes you will never know what it’s like

—Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat 

Kourtney Kardashian posted this picture of Lamar and her son Mason on Instagram on Thursday, writing: ‘Believing in the power of prayer for this beautiful soul’

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‘It reminded me of having to deal with drugs in my own family…It is a battle that you can’t win until they decide they want to win

 —Oprah Winfrey

I pray ths morning for my brother. Dear God he’s one of the good ones. PLEASE watch over him and listen to his heart speak #PrayersForLamar

—Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat 

Our thoughts and prayers are with Lamar Odom and his family at this time.

—Miami HEAT

Odom’s former sister in law posted this tweet after news of the former NBA star’s collapse. The supermodel is currently in Shanghai for fashion week 

Sending love to Lamar Odom & his family

—Ariel Winter, Modern Family actress 

Prayers to Lamar Odom. One of the lefties I looked up to growing up! God bless

—Justise Winslow, Miami Heat

Saddened to hear about Lamar Odom.. Hoping he can pull through.

—Miles Teller, actor 

We ALL got some ‘type’ of demon that we need to be delivered from. Lets keep Lamar Odom lifted up in prayer.

—Jacob Latimore, musician  

Prayers go out to Lamar Odom, he’s been through a lot, an incredible person, praying for you bro, just fight another battle. #QueensBoys —Charlie Villanueva, Dallas Mavericks

The 911 call made by a female from the brothel on Tuesday confirmed that Lamar had been taking cocaine before he was found on Tuesday, something he could be prosecuted for if it shows up in his blood test. Authorities have also not ruled out a possible suicide attempt. 

The tragedy began to unfold when the 35-year-old visited legal brothel the Love Ranch Vegas in Pahrump, Nevada, alone on Saturday with witnesses saying he seemed ‘lost’.

A source told Daily Mail Online: ‘He was all freaked out about Khloe, fixated on her. He was showing the girls photos of them together and wanted to pour his heart out, he wasn’t there just for sex, he needed a shoulder to cry on, companionship. He seemed lost. 

‘It’s not uncommon for celebrity clients to come in to unwind and have a girlfriend experience, they feel they can come here without being watched or followed.

‘Lamar seemed really stressed out when he showed up, the girls tried to relax him and gave him a full body massage.

‘But ultimately he wanted to party and would break down in tears from time to time. He told the girls he was a broken man, that he thought his life was a mess and he had no direction. 

‘He was partying non-stop, using cocaine and taking Viagra and the girls saw other drugs paraphernalia lying around.

‘It was sad to see, he was a shadow of the NBA star we all know and love.’

Lamar Odom’s ex-partner Liza Morales (center) arrived in Las Vegas Wednesday night with their children Destiny, 17 (left), and Lamar Jr, 13 (second right), on their way to the hospital. They were joined by his aunt JaNean Mercer (far right), who flew to Las Vegas with them

It is understood that Odom’s estranged wife Khloe Kardashian paid for his ex-partner and children to fly to Vegas so they could visit him in hospital 

Odom’s children Lamar Junior, left, and Destiny, right, appeared sombre after arriving in Vegas on the way to visit their father

On their way to their father: Liza Morales and her children Lamar Jr (left) and Destiny (right) leaving New York to travel to Las Vegas

Lamar Odom’s Family Departs New York City headed to Las Vegas where Lamar is currently hospitalized in a coma

Odom’s father Joe also visited his son in the hospital on Wednesday. Odom and his father were estranged for years due to Joe Odom’s heroin addiction issues  


Sources with knowledge of how Odom spent the last few days said that he was upset on Sunday by a phone call about his portrayal on an episode broadcast that night of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

While he has been off the show since he split with Khloe in 2009, he is still a topic of conversation among the family members and Sunday’s re-run episode involved a scene in which Khloe said she was worried Lamar would ‘spiral’ out of control.

He had already checked in to the brothel, but was said to have taken phonecalls about the re-run. 

Khloe could be seen taking a call from Lamar after news broke of the drug-related death of his best friend Jamie Sangouthai, the best man at their wedding.

‘Lamar has suffered so much loss in his life – I’m always going to be there for Lamar especially when something as tragic as this happens,’ Khloe said.

‘I’m really on high alert for Lamar because anything I think will cause him to spiral and that’s really the last thing I want for him.’

During the same episode, Kim criticized Khloe for acting ‘flirty’ while taking to Lamar on the phone. 

Later on, Khloe admitted her ‘heart dropped to her stomach’ when she thought Lamar was trying to see her during a Las Vegas club appearance.

The season 10 finale aired afterwards, and a promo for next season showed Khloe telling Kim that Lamar and her new boyfriend James Harden had run into each other at a Las Vegas nightclub.

Kris Jenner was also seen encouraging Khloe to sign divorce papers to officially end her marriage to the former NBA star.

A Kardashian spokesman told Daily Mail Online that Odom’s medical emergency ‘had nothing to do with the show’.  

Investigators are looking into whether Odom had visitors during his time at the brothel and what phone calls he may have made from there.

Detective Michael Eisenloffel, who is probing the incident, refused to say what items of the star’s were taken away after he was taken to hospital and if there were any drugs or drug paraphernalia found in the room.

In the first 911 recording, a woman at the brothel identifying herself as Misty says a ‘client is not breathing’. She doesn’t identify him as Odom, saying he is a man in his late 20s.

She then calls again in a panic, worried he is ‘not breathing’. She says he is unconscious and he has ‘white stuff coming out of his mouth and blood out of his nose’.

In the third 911 recording, Richard Hunter, the brothel’s media director, tells the receiver: ‘He is breathing regularly.

‘He is snoring a little bit but he is breathing consistently.

‘He has a little bit of fluid coming from his nose and mouth which has a red coloring to it. It’s not red like blood, it’s more pinkish.

‘I saw it coming out of his nose. He is breathing with his mouth open a little bit, snoring and breathing regularly. I’m trying to speak to him and I am hearing a couple of whimpers.

‘He is in a deep sleep for sure. I know CPR but there is no reason to do that if he is breathing regularly, right? He is on his right side.’

He is then told by the operator to move him onto his left side.

Mr Hunter then ends the call, and other voices can be heard as Lamar is maneuvered on the bed onto his left side.

He says: ‘I’ve got him on his left side. He has stuff coming out of his mouth and nose. He [Lamar] took Reload, a 72-hour strong sexual enhancer performer for men. He has taken a bunch of these. It was over a three-day period.

‘You can add this to it. Someone just told me that he had some cocaine on him that he finished on Saturday.

‘Since then he’s been alert, conscious and all that.’

The operator asks him, ‘As far as you know, no cocaine since Saturday?’

Mr Hunter replies: ‘That is correct.’

Brothel owner Dennis Hof says that over the weekend, Odom consumed 10 herbal Viagra pills called ‘Reload’ and two-thirds of a bottle of cognac, but says no drugs were found.

But Daily Mail Online understands that staff at the Love Ranch helped clear Odom’s bedroom of any incriminating evidence of drug use before the authorities arrived.

The source said: ‘The girls were freaked out. They had been partying with him and taking cocaine but he seemed fine. They didn’t leave him alone very long, maybe a few hours.

‘He could have shot some other drugs while they weren’t there, but they can’t be sure what he had taken. He didn’t collapse while they were in the room.’

The source also adds the Love Ranch has a strict no drugs policy, but there’s little staff can do about celebrity clients who bring their own stuff in.

They say Odom was a ‘regular’ visitor to the Love Ranch – contradicting its assertion he had never visited before – felt ‘comfortable’ as a guest and had stayed in the same VIP suite before.

‘He felt he could really unwind here,’ the source said. ‘The girls were really looking after him, giving him full body massages and having long talks. Everyone is in shock.’ 

Other sources told TMZ though that Odom was popping 8 to 10 of these pills at a time, and that he used regular Viagra as well.

While Viagra is a widely used and considered a generally safe drug, it does come with some rare side effects that can cause low blood pressure, heart attack and even stroke.

‘Of course everybody’s thinking, ‘Well, maybe it was drugs.’ We didn’t see any effects of that,’ Hof told E! ‘He was going to sleep every night, and I don’t think he was doing any drugs – although you never can tell. He was doing a herbal Viagra and a lot of it.’

Two prostitutes found the former NBA star unconscious and foaming at the mouth on Tuesday afternoon in a VIP house attached to the legal brothel.

Love Ranch call girls Monica Monroe (left) and Ryder Cherry (right) were the two women who discovered Odom passed out and foaming from the mouth 

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Odom reportedly spend $75,000 to stay in the VIP suite at the Love Ranch brothel in Pahrump, Nevada over the weekend 

Above, the view of the bathroom in the VIP suite at the Nevada brothel where Lamar Odom was found unconscious Tuesday afternoon 

This is the VIP suite in a Nevada brothel where Lamar Odom was found unconscious. Lamar paid thousands of dollars to stay in the VIP suite at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch South, near Pahrump, for four days


Lamar Odom was found unconscious on Tuesday afternoon by two prostitutes named Ryder Cherry and Monica Monroe at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch, the legal brothel where he was partying for days.

The establishment in Crystal, Nevada, is just one of the sex-for-cash businesses in the state owned by the star of the HBO series Cathouse, who also has the Moonlite BunnyRanch in Carson City.

The Love Ranch, which is located about 80 miles north of Las Vegas, offers a number of services including 4-Play for Two, Oil Wrestling, Viagra and Vibrators, and the Girlfriend Experience (GFE). 

Hof, a 68-year-old Arizona native, bought the Love Ranch in 2010, Las Vegas Weekly reported. He owns nine brothels and a strip club in Nevada, according to CNBC.

In addition to a VIP section, the newly renovated Love Ranch features a bar and massage rooms. The Love Ranch and Hof’s other brothels also have Jacuzzi rooms, hot tubs, and water rooms.

There are sometimes as many as 50 women working on-site at the 24-hour brothels and they are open 365 days a year in order to provide services with no appointment required.

Dennis Hof, pictured, owner of the Love Ranch in Nevada says that two of his workers found Odom unconscious

Patrons are allowed to attempt to ‘line up’ one of the ladies beforehand online, but they can also just go to the bar and drink to try and find a date.

The ranch accepts credit and debit cards and shows up on bills as ‘Cash Advance, Lake Tahoe’. Cash is also accepted and although tipping is not required, it is somewhat encouraged.

Between all of the ranches, including the Love Ranch, there are more than 500 licensed ladies and each one of the brothels typically services between 50 and 100 clients per day. Among the options for customers at the Love Ranch is the GFE, which is described on the brothel’s website: ‘Imagine a girl you can truly be yourself around. A lady you can share your erotic desires and intimate moments with. Someone who is always happy to see you, accepts you for who you are, as you are and is waiting to fulfill your every need – physical, emotional, sexual… with no strings attached.’

The women who work at the ranch are independent contractors so there are no set prices in place, but customers at the brothel reportedly have to shell out hundreds of dollars to get tended to. 

‘There was some blood coming out of him. The 911 operator asked them to turn him on his left side and of course he’s a big guy, so it was a big challenge,’ Hof said. ‘They did that and a lot of stuff started coming out of him. He started throwing up and they say it was a horrifying sight…Then the paramedics took over.’

It’s believed the last time someone saw Odom alert was at 6am on Tuesday as the partying ground to a halt, when one prostitute woke him up to tell him she was leaving. He was found unconscious later in the day, around 3:15pm.

Odom had been taken by ambulance to the nearby Desert View Hospital, where doctors intubated the basketball player, but he did not regain consciousness. 

He then had to be taken to the Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas by ambulance for further treatment because at 6ft 10in he was too tall to be airlifted 

The basketball star is believed to have spent a five-figure sum after arriving alone at the Love Ranch’s top suite on Saturday.

Love Ranch spokesman Richard Hunter told Daily Mail Online the NBA star had spent ‘multiples of five figures’ during his stay – but had appeared to want ‘companionship’ and had asked to spend his last night alone.

He said there was no appearance that he was suicidal, and said that police had taken away all the brothel’s stocks of Reload, the $4-a-pill herbal Viagra substitute which Odom had taken.

‘To my knowledge it was the first time he has ever been here,’ he said.

‘You’d think a celebrity in Vegas wouldn’t have a problem finding people to hang out with but people feel there is a certain discretion here.

‘It was kind of unusual for a celebrity like him to come here alone. Usually the guys have one or two friends with them, then they separate when they get here into different areas.

‘Without knowing him personally, whatever was going on with his circle of friends in Las Vegas, it seemed that was something he wanted to get away from. I think it was obviously important for him to get here alone to a secluded place.’

The exact kind of stroke Odom is believed to have suffered involves a blood clot blocking blood flow to the brain, and is often a result of a cocaine overdose. The insider said that Odom started taking cocaine on Friday and ‘chocked on his mucus’. 

Houston Rockets forward Trevor Ariza, right, visited his former Lakers teammate Lamar Odom at the hospital on Wednesday 

That report is backed up by a source who said that the mucus in Odom’s lungs was caused by smoking crack-cocaine. That source added that doctors also found opiates in the ex-NBA star’s system and needle marks on one of his arms.

‘I’m obviously hoping that he can pull through this, and that in some fortunate way this becomes the beginning of a different ending,’ said good friend and New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher. 

Fisher, who played with Odom at the Lakers, later told CNN; ‘Lamar Odom was one of the greatest people I’ve ever known. That’s the way I see him. I don’t see him through the prism of choices he has made. I view him through the heart and soul of the person he really is.’

However, it appears the overdose was not intentional but possibly a result of Odom’s history of drug abuse.

‘The long term effects of his drug use have taken a toll on his body and the binge this time was too much to handle,’ a source told E!  

Kobe Bryant and Trevor Ariza have paid visits to their comatose former Lakers teammate Lamar Odom, as he fights for his life in the hospital. The three pictured above playing for the Lakers in 2009 

The medical emergency is bringing even the most estranged members of the Kardashian clan together, including Khloe’s brother Rob who has cut ties with his family in recent years. Rob lived with Khloe and Lamar during their short marriage, and had a close friendship with his then brother-in-law.

Eldest Kardashian sister Kourtney spent the morning in Los Angeles, taking her daughter Penelope and niece North West to ballet practice before later boarding a private plane out of town. 

Her recently estranged partner, Scott Disick, was also rumored to be rushing to Odom’s side, but it’s unclear if he is actually at the hospital since he has checked into the Cliffside Malibu rehabilitation center.

‘Everyone has dropped everything to get there,’ a source told People. ‘There are a lot of calls and texts going back and forth as everyone is figuring out how they can help and be there for each other. They are asking their close friends to pray for Lamar, for healing and strength. 

‘There is confusion about his condition, and they don’t know the extent of his injuries, but I’ll tell you this: they wouldn’t just drop everything unless it was serious. 

‘The family has been told that this isn’t just a minor thing; that it was extremely serious.’ 

Meanwhile speaking outside the facility, Odom’s personal trainer Fareed Samad said he believed his client has suffered a ‘momentary lapse’ and had previously been working out for three hours a day in a bid to get fit.

He explained: ‘This is all of a sudden. He was doing so well and was looking to get back to fitness. 

‘Next thing you know someone calls and tells me he is unconscious.’

Asked why he thought the NBA star had gone to the brothel, Mr Samad added: ‘When he wakes up we will find out.’  

Meanwhile. the basketball star’s estranged father Joe claimed his son was drugged.

He told Hollywood Life: ‘Somebody drugged my son. There’s no way he’s down there partying crazy like that. No way. I knew something was wrong because I’ve been calling him all day and he hasn’t been answering.

Ariza played for the Lakers from 2007 to 2009. Odom spent most of his career with the Lakers, from 2004 until 2011. Odom pictured above playing for the Lakers in 2010

‘I need all his fans to send him well wishes. If Khloe knows anything about this, please, tell her to call me. We all love Lamar and want him to pull through this.’   

In 2009, Odom married Kardashian after a whirlwind romance, but by 2013 she had filed for divorce.

TMZ said at the time that Kardashian’s decision to file for divorce was the result of Odom’s usage of ‘hardcore recreational drugs. 

Later that month Odom was arrested for DUI and refused to be tested, resulting in a one-year suspension of his driver’s license.

He entered a rehab program shortly after but left just 24 hours later. They two signed divorce papers in July but it has not been officially finalized. 

Although Lamar Odom’s marriage to Khloe Kardashian introduced him to untold millions of fans who don’t know a power forward from a paparazzo, reality television notoriety was only a small part of a life largely spent in basketball.

Odom won two NBA championships with the Los Angeles Lakers and an award as the league’s top reserve during his 14-year pro career, adding to a trophy case that also includes an Olympic medal and a FIBA world championship medal.

Odom was a can’t-miss prospect from the start of his playing days in Queens, a skilled ball-handler in a rangy big man’s body. His versatility got him through a truncated college career into the NBA, where he played for four franchises and became known as an invaluable teammate who repeatedly sacrificed personal statistics for team success.

‘All he cared about was playing basketball,’ said Knicks star Carmelo Anthony, a longtime friend. ‘He wanted to give back to the league. Every time I talked to him, that’s all he talked about.’

Odom’s teammates and friends throughout the sport paid tribute after he was found unconscious in a Nevada brothel and rushed to a hospital this week. Several basketball figures visited Odom’s bedside, including Kobe Bryant and Lakers general manager Mitch Kupchak.

‘Lamar Odom is one of the greatest people I’ve ever known,’ said New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher, Odom’s longtime teammate with the Lakers. ‘I don’t view him through the prism of choices that he’s made. I view him through the heart and soul of the person that he really is.’

Odom’s basketball gifts were multifold from the start. He sprouted to his full 6-foot-10 height during his prep career at Christ The King Regional High School in Queens, yet never lost the ball-handling and passing abilities of a smaller player.

Anthony, another New York native and top-flight prospect born three years later, looked up to Odom’s multifaceted game.

‘L.O. was a point forward,’ Anthony said. ‘A lot of people will tell you he was one of my favorite players coming out of high school, one of the best high school players I’ve seen as a kid.’

A hotly recruited prospect, Odom spent one year at UNLV without playing amid NCAA investigations. He transferred to the University of Rhode Island, where he won a conference title in his single season under coach Jim Harrick before entering the NBA draft.

Odom was the fourth pick in the 1999 draft by the moribund Los Angeles Clippers, who evolved into a solid team during his four years. He was chosen for the 2004 U.S. Olympic basketball team in Athens, winning a bronze medal.

After one season with the Miami Heat, Odom was traded to the Lakers in 2004 in a deal for Shaquille O’Neal. When the famed club hired coach Phil Jackson a year later, Odom became a key component of the Lakers’ rise back to glory.

‘He was an amazing teammate,’ Fisher said. ‘Really an amazing player that possesses all the skills necessary to do everything on the floor you need done. I think his defense and rebounding was more spectacular than anything he can do on the floor offensively. (He was) one of the top reasons as to why we won championships in ’09 and ’10.’

Odom spent the best seven years of his career with the Lakers, hitting his professional stride in a jack-of-all-trades role. Led by Bryant and Pau Gasol, the Lakers reached three straight NBA Finals, winning two titles – the second with Ron Artest, his Queens childhood friend and former AAU teammate now known as Metta World Peace.

Odom also became known for his generosity with other players, his family and even strangers. On his Twitter account, Magic Johnson said Odom would buy new suits for the Lakers’ rookies each season.

Lamar Jr, Lamar Odom, Khloe Kardashian and daughter Destiny at the 2011 Teen Choice Awards

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‘We understood what it means to be in a band of brothers, what it means to go through a lot of things together,’ said Sasha Vujacic, Odom’s former Lakers teammate. ‘He’s someone with a heart of gold.’

Even outside the world of professional basketball, Odom was receiving support. 

Soccer player David Beckham posted a picture of Odom on his Instagram, writing: ‘Stay strong brother’. 

Oprah Winfrey also said she was heartbroken to find out about Odom’s collapse, saying it reminded her of her own sister’s battle with addiction.  

Odom returned to the U.S. national team and won a gold medal at the 2010 world championships as a key contributor. When Odom won his Sixth Man award a year later, he donated the accompanying car to a Lakers children’s charity.

A few months after that, Odom’s world began to unravel.

He was stunned when the Lakers attempted to send him to New Orleans in a multiplayer deal for Chris Paul. Odom said he spent days crying over the trade, which was nullified by NBA Commissioner David Stern.

Odom refused to return to the Lakers and eventually went to Dallas in another deal. The Lakers’ missteps were factored into the gradual decline of the team, which finished last season with the worst record in franchise history.

After a productive season back with the Clippers in 2012-13, Odom was done in the NBA.

After two-game stint in Spain, he signed with the New York Knicks in April 2014 right before the season ended when Jackson, now running the Knicks, attempted to throw a lifeline to his beloved former player. Odom never played and was cut in July.

He was still young enough to play again, but Odom never found the will or the clarity to get back on the courts he loved.

‘We love you, man,’ Paul said after a news conference in Shanghai, where the Clippers are playing exhibition games. ‘Keep fighting. He’s a member of this fraternity, our basketball brotherhood, and we love you and we’re all there for you, man.’


In severe cases an overdose can induce a stroke, which occurs when the blood supply to the brain is interrupted or reduced

An overdose occurs where a person takes a quantity of drugs that their body is unable to cope with. 

There are a number of signs and symptoms that a person has overdosed, that depend on the type of drug used.


Opioids, benzodiazephines and alcohol are all depressants, which means they slow the central nervous system, affecting breathing and heart rate.

Too much of any of these drugs can kill or cause permanent brain damage.

Overdoing it on alcohol can cause seizures, irregular breathing and unconsciousness.


Where a person overdoses on amphetamines, such as speed and ice, they are at high risk of suffering a heart attack, stroke, seizure or drug-induced psychotic episodes.

Signs and symptoms include:

chest pain severe headache seizures difficulty breathing hallucinations unconsciousness


Taking a cocktail of different illicit drugs at once puts undue strain on the body, and dramatically increases the risk of overdose and the subsequent health complications.

Hypoxic brain injury, caused by a lack of oxygen to the brain, is often a consequence of heroin overdose.

The brain injuries can cause coma, seizures and in the worst cases, brain death.

The longer a person is not breathing, the more potential damage is done, because the brain is being deprived of oxygen.


In severe cases, overdose can trigger a stroke, as well as heart attack, and severe respiratory problems.

Lifestyle factors including heavy or binge drinking and indulging in the use of illicit drugs, such as cocaine and methamphetamines, are both recognised by experts risk factors for stroke.

A stroke occurs when the blood supply to your brain is interrupted or reduced, experts at the Mayo Clinic state.

The condition can be caused by a blocked artery – known as an ischemic stroke – or the leaking or bursting of a blood vessel – known as a haemorrhagic stroke.

This CT scan, of an unnamed patient, reveals in yellow the area of the brain damaged by a stroke

A haemorrhagic stroke happens when a blood vessel in the brain leaks or ruptures.

Haemorrhages can be caused by a number of conditions that affect blood vessels, typically uncontrolled high blood pressure, as well as weak spots in blood vessel walls, known as aneurysms.

Within the definition of haemorrhagic stroke, there are two different kinds.

An intracerebral haemorrhage is where a blood vessel bursts and spills into the surrounding brain tissue, damaging brain cells.

Any brain cells that lie beyond the leak do not receive oxygenated blood and are therefore also damaged.

High blood pressure and trauma are among the factors that can trigger this type of bleed.

Meanwhile the second form is a subarachnoid haemorrhage.

This is where an artery on, or near the surface of the brain bursts and spills into the space between the surface of your brain and skull.

This type of bleed is often signalled by a sudden and severe headache.

A subarachnoid haemorrhage is commonly caused by an aneurysm bursting, and can cause the blood vessels in the brain to widen and narrow erratically, causing brain cell damage by restricting blood flow.


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