Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin Involved in Spiritial Warfare

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The rift between Star actress Iyabo Ojo and Lizzy Anjorin is taking a new dimension as we learnt that the situation has degenerated into a cold spiritual war of attrition involving an exchange of fetish powers otherwise known as Juju.

An insider close to Anjorin disclosed to us that the actress has been experiencing some strange occurrences for a while.

Our source told us that in fact, the entertainer would have become history if not for a strong spiritual backing from her pastor.

The source further added that Anjorin has been warned to embark on serious prayer and fasting to avert a spiritual attack allegedly from the camp of her “public enemy”.

This was after the picture of the embattled actress was allegedly found in the custody of an Abeokuta-based herbalist.

Lizzy was recently hit by a sudden mysterious illness that defied medication but was later rescued by a relative who quickly took her to spiritualists in Abeokuta.

We also gathered that another tragedy was recently averted in Abeokuta on the set of Anjorin’s new comic flick, entitled: Miss Tinubu, when production was suddenly halted after the shoot of only one scene.

According to our source, this was because the actress was rushed to an undisclosed hospital after miraculously averting a fatal accident.

There were allegations that Iyabo Ojo was responsible for Lizzy's travails.

We shall keep you posted on further findings.

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